Allo City Broadband in Penang

Allo City Broadband

Allo City Broadband is designed to keep up with the modern always-connected citizen. Today, you can only work as fast as your internet connection lets you. We believe that there should be no compromise to high-speed and unlimited internet.

Pinang Court 2 Allo City Broadband
Medan Tengku Allo City Broadband
Mutiara Idaman Allo City Broadband
Jelutong Park City Broadband

With the expansion of the speed of the Internet, Allo city broadband can support some areas. That is Pinang Court 2 , Medan Tengku , Mutiara Idaman 1 & 2 and Jelutong Park . Those who live in these areas can enjoy the high-speed network of our Allo city broadband .

Jelutong Palace City Broadband
Jelutong Palace City Broadband
Jelutong Villa Allo City Broadband

In addition, Jelutong Palace, Taman Sri Pinang and Jelutong Villa can also apply to install Allo City Broadband. Allo City Broadband will be extended to more Penang areas within this year. So people who need the Internet quickly come to contact us. We guarantee that we can help you arrange all procedures.

Allo City Broadband


  • Fastest Speeds (Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.
  • Get a faster internet experience with Allo Devices, strong Wi-Fi in your entire business, and unlimited data!
  • Enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere with whole-business coverage.
  • Our Tech Ninjas have got your back with 24/7 support over the phone, chat, or handy digital tools.

Written by KokPeng

11 Mar, 2022

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