The Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet Broadband Connections

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What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic internet is a data connection carried by a cable filled with thin glass or plastic fibers. Data travels through them as beams of light pulsed in a pattern. Why is fiber optic cable internet so much better than plain ol’ cable internet? Because there’s no copper wire to gum up the works. Cable internet sends its signals down metal wires. The metal heats up, weakening the signal and picking up interference. That’s why cable and DSL internet are so much slower and clumsier than fiber optics.

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Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet Connections

  • Reliability
In addition, the truth is that your cable connection should be fast enough to stream video without interruption, but peak traffic overloads the wires. That’s where fiber optic internet vs cable speed differences get obvious. Fiber optics can handle more users and more data at consistently higher speeds. In addition, fiber optic cable internet doesn’t need energized lines, so it’s not as prone to outages as cable internet. As long as the fiber optic cable stays intact, it can keep delivering your bits and bytes even when the lights are out.
  • Connecting Multiple Devices
Furthermore, We now have multiple devices in our homes, from laptops to PCs to tablets, phones, smart speakers, and other smart devices. As our internet use increases, our need for reliable and fast data transmission does. Fiber optic internet providers ride to the rescue. The steady signal with less signal loss and 10 times more bandwidth means we can connect with multiple tablets, laptops, and several phones at once. Even with different people streaming music and video simultaneously, fiber optics can handle the load.
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  • Clear Video/Voice Calling

Besides, when you have family in different countries, cities, or towns, fibre-optic broadband can ensure you stay in contact through video chat without struggling through a lag connection. Catch up across the web and chat away as if you’re in the same room, and with an unlimited package, you don’t need to worry about usage.


  • Speed
Fibre Optic Broadband speed is more reliable, high-speed, and no lag. Even you are watching movies, playing online games, download things online, use for business/work and assignments, fiber optic broadband is better to use. Let you enjoy the high-speed and no lag internet online. It also lets work finish faster, and also saves your time to do other things.
  • Higher quality TV
Those TVs pack four times more pixels into the same real estate, which makes for much crisper pictures. But it also sucks a lot more bandwidth from your internet connection. With speeds of 100 Mbps or less, cable internet may struggle at times to deliver 4K internet streaming. Fiber optic internet service won’t even bat an eye at it. So, a fiber-optic connection running at even a sub-optimal 500 Mbps or 1Gbps should have no trouble streaming high-quality 4K TV and movies.
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The Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet Broadband Connections

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1 Apr, 2021

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