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Building Management Manager 

Company Name: Perbadanan Pengurusan Costavilla Condominium

Contact Number : 

We are grateful that the management and committee members of Costa Villa Building for enabling TIME Broadband to deliver a high-speed internet to their house.

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Costa Villa is a condominium construction project in the Timor Laut neighbourhood of Penang’s state capital. Instead of being on the mainland, Costa Villa is located on Penang Island. The development is located along Jalan Gajah, 11200, Penang, and the development project offers its tenants a freehold tenure.

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Costa Villa, also known as Costavilla, is a high-rise condominium with 52 units spread out across 10 floors. For those who prefer more traditional forms of exercise, there is also a squash court, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium area. There is also a BBQ children’s playground and a gaming area where the kids may spend some of their leisure time having fun.


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7 Oct, 2021

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