Do I need a new modem for Fibre?

One of the questions may be: “Does fiber-optic Internet require a modem?” This is one of the most common questions when people first sign up for fiber-optic Internet services.

They are not sure whether they can continue to use the modem used for traditional cable or DSL Internet services.

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Problems with old modems

You’ll need a new modem when you sign up for fibre optic internet service. This is due to the fact that older modems are unable to transform light signals transmitted through fibre optic connections into digital messages.

They’re only able to convert analogue signals to digital signals. If you try to utilise your old modem with fibre optic internet service, this will obviously be a significant problem.

Instead, you’ll need to request a new modem from your fibre optic internet service provider in order to keep connected to the internet.

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Necessities for Fiber Optic Internet

To use fibre optic internet, you’ll need more than just a new modem. Fiber optic cables must also be connected to your house.

The majority of telecommunications carriers now offer fiber-to-the-home services.

This service allows technicians to install fibre optic lines in your house so you may enjoy all of the benefits of fibre optic internet.

Fiber optic cables will allow you to send and receive information more quicker than outdated copper wires in your home.


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Optical fibre wireless router

When switching to fibre-optic Internet services, you’ll need to invest in new fibre optic modems and fibre optic cables, as well as fibre optic wireless routers for your house.

This will allow you to connect your fibre-optic Internet service to a variety of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

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11 Nov, 2021

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