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Can I reschedule my installation date and time?

Yes, you can change your installation appointment and even track the progress of your application here.


Can I choose my installation date?

You can choose your installation date when you sign up online.


How do I know my chosen installation appointment date and time has been confirmed?

You will receive an email stating your installation date and time. An SMS will also be sent to you a day before your installation date.


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Who will carry out my installation?

A TIME authorized installer will carry out the installation. Before the installer goes to install also will contact you first.


Do I need to pay for installation?

Normally no need to pay for the installation, because the installation is free, except if the cable is more than 20 meters will charge 1 meter RM10.


How long does it take for TIME to install my internet?

Installation can take 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of unit you live in. The installation process involves a site survey, ducting, piping, electrical work, equipment configuration, and testing.


What type of equipment does TIME provide with my subscription?

We provide an Optical Network Unit (ONU) and a WiFi router with every subscription or a wireless optical network terminal (the Huawei HG8145V5 Essential router).


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FAQ Installation | TIME 100% Fibre Optic Internet

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9 Apr, 2021

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