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Portable Wifi in Malaysia 2021

Although most places such as cafes, offices, and shopping malls provide Wi-Fi for public use, sometimes the Internet connection is not fast and stable. What’s more worrying is that using mobile data on a smartphone will cause the battery to drain quickly.

So here we share 8 kinds of mobile Wi-Fi, suitable for you who travel frequently.

1. D-Link DWR-932 D3 4G LTE Portable MiFi Wireless Modem

portable wifi

This D-Link brand product supports USIM type SIM cards of all telecommunications companies, such as Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, and Unifi. Interestingly, this portable Wi-Fi can also use overseas sim cards.

In addition, Wifi also has a built-in firewall security guarantee, which can protect the user’s Internet connection from any interference.

2. TP-Link M7200 4G LTE Portable Mobile Wi-Fi

portable wifi

With 4G LTE internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps, this mobile wifi can be used by up to 10 devices at a time. Most importantly, this wifi has 4G FDD/TDD-LTE, and users will get the best Internet connection in most foreign countries when traveling.

3. TP-Link M7450 300Mbps LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi

TIME internet Fibre

This compact mobile Wi-Fi is one of the brands that Malaysians like to get a good internet connection. It can be used with Malaysia Telecom’s SIM cards, such as DiGi, Maxis, YES 4G LTE, and Celcom.

You can also control the use of this modem through the tpMiFi app available for download on Android and iOS. Most importantly, its download speed is up to 300Mbps, and its upload speed is up to 50Mbps.

4. PROLiNK 4G LTE Unlimited Hotspot Pocket WiFi Modem Portable

portable wifi

PROLiNK 4G LTE Unlimited Hotspot Pocket WiFi is suitable for 11 users at a time. Its compact size and portable Wi-Fi are also light enough to be carried around, especially for users who often work outdoors.

This modem battery lasts for 6 to 10 hours and can be charged with a USB cable connected to a portable charger or laptop.

5. Tenda 4G180

portable wifi

This type of Wi-Fi modem can be used with various types of telecommunications companies in Malaysia. In addition, the product also has a special slot that can hold a 32 GB SD card. Therefore, you can share the files or pictures in the card with anyone connected to this portable Wi-Fi. Production

6. D-Link 4G LTE USB Modem DWM-222

portable wifi

For people studying online, this brand of USB modem is really suitable, because the product only needs to be installed on any computer or laptop that uses Windows and Mac OS software. Therefore, you don’t have to charge this modem every day, because it uses a plug-and-play concept. Production

7. Doogee 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Router Car

portable wifi

This portable Wi-Fi weighs 50 grams and is small in size, which is ideal for in-vehicle Internet use. Internet speeds of 100Mbps (download) and 50Mbps (upload) are also satisfactory.

The LED screen display allows users to easily monitor network stability and battery percentage. The design of this modem also looks modern and elegant, so it is perfect for those who like a stylish look.

8. 4G Mini Wifi Router With Sim Card Slot

time internet

It can hold up to 10 devices at the same time. This wireless Wi-Fi modem can be used with the SIM cards of Telco Celcom, Maxis, Yoodoo, and XOX.

It can still work in the 3G line coverage area. Therefore, for people living in rural areas, you can consider using this Wi-Fi modem. 

How to use portable Wi-Fi?

The use of portable Wi-Fi is very simple and is roughly the same as connecting to other ordinary Wi-Fi. Just insert the SIM card with the Internet data package into the device, and then turn on the portable Wi-Fi. 

Usually, Mobile Wi-Fi or internet is mostly available at a price between around RM90 to hundreds of ringgit. The price also depends on the sophistication of a modem. 

Written by KokPeng

30 Dec, 2021

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