Fibre Broadband vs Mobile Broadband | What is the difference?

Mobile broadband gives you the convenience of being able to access the Internet anywhere you can get a phone signal. So why isn’t everyone on mobile broadband yet? Fibre broadband connections are faster, more reliable, more secure, able to offer higher download limits, and most importantly, they’re better valued for your money, which is why they’re still and increasingly popular with Malaysians.

Let’s see some of these advantages:

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Fibre broadband: has far higher download limits than mobile data packages at the same price, and many broadband packages even offer unlimited downloads so you can surf to your heart’s content.

Mobile broadband: Usually run out of data and get a warning pretty quickly, especially if you watch videos or download pictures often. These plans also almost always have restrictive usage caps that come with higher add-on costs or throttle the speed of your connection if you exceed your limit.


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Fibre optic networks: More secure because they use light to transmit data, which doesn’t radiate signals in the same way that electromagnetic waves do and therefore makes it harder to tap. Since fibre broadband has high bandwidth, it’s also much harder to crash a fibre network by overloading it.

Mobile networks: Able to be, well, mobile, because they use radio waves to transmit signals through the air. However, this makes them vulnerable to physical attacks and outside interference. Damaging any of the cell stations that relay the signals reduces the coverage, and the radio spectrum is a limited resource that can be overwhelming.


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Fibre broadband: Faster than 4G in busy urban areas such as towns and cities. Malaysia has an average broadband connection speed of 8.9 Megabits per second (Mbps), a fair bit faster than the average mobile network connection speed of only 4.4 Mbps.

Mobile broadband: If you usually stream HD shows or play online games on an average mobile connection, you’ll know what a drag it is when they stop to buffer every few seconds. Movies also take forever to download on a connection that often breaks.


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Fibre broadband: Lags less, which is more important now than ever before as Internet usage among Malaysians increases. With more and more Malaysians relying on the Internet for everyday activities such as streaming and downloading music, watching shows, playing computer games and making video calls, a reliable connection is paramount for a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Mobile broadband: 4G mobile networks use wireless broadband technology that can affect by bad weather conditions, tall buildings and large objects.


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Mobile broadband: The initial cost and monthly fees for mobile broadband appear to be lower at first glance, but are you really getting the best out of your Internet experience with it? What’s the point of a cheap connection if you can’t send emails, download pictures and load websites quickly on it?

Fibre broadband: The packages are becoming increasingly affordable as more and more providers adopt the technology and consumer demand for it rises around the country. In many cases, some broadband packages are even priced on par with mobile data plans.

Written by angyiqi

11 Mar, 2021

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