Five Reasons Why You Should Get TIME’s OmniMesh

TIME Internet is one of the most popular Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Malaysia. It immediately comes to mind when we talk about fast and stable fiber-based home internet.

Backed by its wholly owned 100% Fibre infrastructure, TIME has been rated as the most stable network in Malaysia in terms of connection data rates and latency. Furthermore, it offers up to 1Gbps home internet speed for as low as RM99 per month!

  • TIME’s OmniMesh

Previously, we’ve introduced readers to TIME’s OmniMesh – a mesh WiFi system that provides a strong and stable WiFi connection to every corner of your home. Along with gigabit-class connectivity, it provides flawless connectivity through a wireless solution that completes the ultimate home internet experience.

This time, we’ll show you the many ways OmniMesh can greatly improve your home lifestyle and more! Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should get TIME’s OmniMesh for the ultimate home WiFi experience.

  • Internet restrictions are up to you

In addition , no matter the size of your apartment or condo unit, you can get extensive wireless internet coverage with TIME Internet’s OmniMesh devices. By simply placing mesh nodes strategically in your home, you can ensure that no area is blocked from receiving the full capacity of WiFi connection . Including bathrooms, kitchens, and even very remote locations such as your storage room.

Besides, TIME offers its customers mesh-enabled routers, so you actually need fewer devices when setting up full WiFi coverage. Unlike traditional setups where you need to put mesh nodes next to your router. If wider coverage is required, you can easily add additional mesh nodes without the expensive price tag, just RM169 each!

  • Seamless Connection

Ever experience a drop in connection when trying to stream your favorite podcast or TV show on your phone while moving from room to room ?

Moreover , placing multiple mesh nodes around your apartment or condo not only provides extensive WiFi coverage. It also provides a seamless experience no matter where you are in your home. Thanks to advancements in wireless technology, constant speed and stability are no longer exclusive to wired fiber optic internet connections! Plus, OmniMesh devices can easily and automatically connect to the strongest WiFi signal no matter where you are, with just an SSID/WiFi name!

  • Take Charge Of Your Home WiFi

With the full suite of features provided by the TIME Internet app, you can have more control over your WiFi network.

Did your network suddenly go down? Don’t worry, just do a quick diagnosis of your connection. Worried about your child’s online safety? Just limit when they can access the Internet and block harmful websites.

You can do it all with just a few taps on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is download the app!

  • Consistency is the key

Of course, having broad and stable WiFi coverage isn’t complete without connectivity and speed, especially in the current age of home and work. Thankfully, with TIME Internet, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what floor your apartment or condo unit is on, a fast and stable internet connection is always guaranteed provided, of course, that your building supports the service of your ISP.

  • Times Internet

TIME Internet’s OmniMesh devices are available for every subscription, from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, and prices start from RM99/month! If you need more WiFi coverage in your home, just add more mesh nodes to your cart.

Lastly , here’s something special for you. For a limited time, you can get a free OmniMesh device on select plans. If you subscribe to a 500Mbps or 1Gbps plan with a 24-month contract, TIME Internet is offering the OmniMesh Starter package for free, which includes a mesh node!


  • Fastest Speeds (Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.
  • Get a faster internet experience with TIME Devices, strong Wi-Fi in your home, and unlimited data!
  • Enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere with whole-home coverage.
  • Lastly , Our Tech Ninjas have got your back with 24/7 support over the phone, chat, or handy digital tools.

Written by KokPeng

22 Apr, 2022

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