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Building Management Manager
Bilding Name : Perbadanan pengurusan Halaman Kenanga
Contact Number : 04-6434685
The manger is quite friendly nice guy.

We appreciating  Halaman Kenanga Building Management &  Committee member for allowing us to provide high-speed internet at their residence with TIME Broadband. Enjoy your weekend with TIME internet !!!

What are you guys waiting for join us now !!! Feel the benefits with TIME Broadband !!!

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Firstly, Halaman Kenanga has easy access from many of the beautiful and popular tourist sites of the state. Secondly, although it has to be considered that some of these places might take a few hours’ drives or a train journey, yet the traveling will be completely worth it. Moreover, some of Penang’s most sought after attractions is a trip that provides visitors with breathtaking views of the entire island from the top. Therefore,the fastest way to reach the summit is to get on the funicular train that takes in half an hour to the way up.

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Therefore, highlights at the top of the place include a grand Hindu temple, church, mosque and also a snake show. In additionally, photos are allowed to be taken with a tame python for a fee. Moreover, Halaman Kenanga hosts a lot of amenities for the convenience of its residents. After that, the property offers well maintained and guarded car park.

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After that, the car park is big enough to accommodate the number of vehicles than allocated for the residents. In additionally, there are two car parks, one is covered, and another is open. In conclusion, the security is also stringent that maintains twenty-four-hour surveillance and a card access system all over the property. Therefore is constant patrolling an entry inside the park must be authorized within Halaman Kenanga.

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What TIME do ???

  • Stream more, download more, play more on multiple devices, all at the same time.
  • High-performance dedicated broadband service.
  • Domestic and global connections. Flexible and customizable.

TIME Package 

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Faster come and apply TIME Broadband  at Halaman Kenanga feel the quality. Apply call/WhatsApp 0123682222

Looks so Good on the Outside, It’ll Make You Feel Good Inside. Click this link https://youtu.be/_GqZqisEotc for quick steps.

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2 Apr, 2021

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