How long do wifi modems usually last?

When should we replace the modem? As a dealer of TIME internet, our customers will actually replace their modems within 2 years. Even if your modem is still working properly, as technology advances, it is necessary to replace or upgrade your Internet modem!

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Like the case we just dealt with today, a customer modem is facing issues such as can’t connect to the internet or their modem is blinking red light. When you are facing such issues, u can contact us. We will give you some suggestions or advice.

Our customer modems are blinking red light and cannot connect to the internet

Red blink
WIFI Modems

How we help customers to solve their issues

customer service
assisting customer
WIFI Modems
customer service

So when customers contact us about the problems they are facing, we will immediately arrange for staff to assist them. For this case, after we found out resetting the modem is not working, we have given some advice to the customer to get a new modem!!!

If you encounter some problems in the above situation, you are welcome to contact us here. We will try our best to help you solve the problem and provide you with some suggestions!!!

As digressions, here is also some tips for u to get a free modem !!!

WIFI Modems

This is the newest modem provided by TIME internet. It is a dual-band modem that allows the user to connect 2.4G and 5G wifi, and it cost about RM459.

But, how if customers can get this for free?

Here is some sharing from our smart customers. Through their sharing, we found out usually some of our customers will cancel their subscription after a 2-year contract and re-subscribe under other names. It might be their mother, wife, or even their child’s name.

WIFI Modems

In this way, TIME internet will take their name as a new customer. It also means that by registering TIME internet under a new name, u will get a brand new wifi modems as above!

If you are interested, u can contact us for more information!!! We are always ready to help you !!!

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Written by YaoCong

25 Nov, 2021

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