How to boost Time Internet?

boost Time Internet

Boost Time Internet? TIME Slow Internet access, inability to stream, Wi-Fi signal loss, wireless dead zone-in a world where Internet access is as necessary as breathing for some people, each of these issues is annoying.

If you feel that your Wi-Fi is slowing down, you can use many tools to test your Internet speed. You can also try some tricks to solve network problems. The quality of your WiFi connection depends on various factors. Here, we help you understand how your WiFi connection works and what you can do to make the most of it.

However, if the only way to get good reception is to stand next to a wireless router, then these simple WiFi Hacks can help you improve the TIME Internet.

boost Time Internet

Tips 1: Check Your Router Placement

Think of your WiFi as waves broadcasted slightly downwards and weakens by distance. You can boost Time Internet performance by going through this checklist when positioning your router. You can :

  • Put it in an open place
  • Place it in a central location or close to where you use the device most often
  • Place it at a slightly higher position
boost Time Internet

Tips 2: Restart Your Router

The majority of people leave their routers on all the time. It’s possible that you’re one of them. If you do, your router’s performance will eventually suffer as a result. Excessive use will cause your router to run out of memory and overheat, causing your connection to be disrupted. To boost Time Internet performance, restart it as needed.

boost Time Internet

Tips 3: Protect Your Network

If there are too many people on your network, your WiFi connection may slow down. To prevent squatters from freeloading off your WiFi network, limit the amount of users on your network at any given time or update your WiFi password once every three months.

boost Time Internet

Tips 4: Switch your WiFi frequency

Most routers nowadays are dual-band, supporting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. 2.4 GHz often has a longer range, but 5 GHz has a stronger signal. Because 2.4 GHz is used by the majority of electronic gadgets, the airwaves in this frequency range may be more congested than 5 GHz. Simply change the frequency band to 5 GHz to boost Time Internet speeds, and remember to get close to your router.

boost Time Internet

Tips 5: Upgrade Your Router

Check to see if your router is compatible with the new speeds if you change your internet bandwidth. If your current router isn’t suitable, take a look at the new dual-band routers we have available on Self Care at discounted rates for our subscribers. If you’ve been a subscriber for at least a year, you might be eligible for a free router upgrade to boost Time Internet. For further information, refer to Self-Care.

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Written by YaoCong

26 Oct, 2021

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