Moving to new house or want to move your time internet service from location A to B ? Let us guide you with an example case !!!

Here is the story, one of our old customers who has already signed up time internet for more than 2 years with us is about to move from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, he look for us whether he could transfer his current time internet service to his new home in Kuala Lumpur.

Go to TIME internet Selfcare as a sample show the main page after login:

TIME internet Selfcare

Refer to the MANAGE PLAN then you will have multiple of option to select as: RELOCATION

TIME internet termination

Actually, we will suggest customers relocate their TIME internet service by paying RM120-150 if they are still under their 2 years contract. But what if the 2-year contract has passed? In this case, we strongly recommend customers to contact our consultant here for advice !!!

time internet

In some previous cases, some customers scolded us for not confessing, because their contract expired long ago and they still had to pay relocation fees. In fact, they all just relocate their internet service without asking for advice.

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If your contract has long expired, normally most of the customers will contact us  via WhatsApp or here to find a way of getting free relocation and getting new Offers and Promotions. the customer does not need to pay any relocation costs. In addition, customers can also enjoy the latest package and the latest modem provided by Time Internet !!!

If you have any issues regarding the relocation or package, you can contact us here !!! We will give you advice and guide you from A to Z. All is FREE!!! So please don’t hesitate to contact us now !!!

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Written by YaoCong

29 Dec, 2021

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