Internet disconnect !!! Customer service cannot call !!!

Internet disconnect

Internet disconnect !!! Shutting down and restarting has no effect. The customer service staff who called time kept playing the radio. I have looked for a lot of ways but can’t solve the problem of internet disconnect. There are example of solution for reference .

My company name is Kira Untong Enterprise. Last month I applied to install time internet but the internet disconnect after the next day. Internet disconnect influence me in business so I went online looking for some solutions. I called customer service but kept talking to the bot and no customer service answered my call. Internet disconnect i cannot do anything !

Internet disconnect

In addition I called the person who helped me with the installation and his name was Mr Goh. He called customer service for me and told customer service about me. At the same time I have been calling customer service to solve the internet disconnect problem . Customer service staff called me after understanding the matter and guided me in troubleshooting. The next day they sent someone to my company to check the modem router and the problem of internet disconnect

Internet disconnect

In conclusion, I am very grateful to this officer. He helped me a lot because doing business really needs the internet. Our company cannot function properly without the Internet disconnect . Thank you very much to this officer for guiding me patiently and helping me find a solution. If you are interested you can call his phone number Mr Goh 0122933819 for more details.


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Written by KokPeng

8 Mar, 2022

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