Internet speed is very slow and laggy? Here are some solutions for your reference

In today’s society, I believe that everyone has gradually become accustomed to working from home or taking classes. Although working from home is comfortable and free, sometimes you can be lazy. But when I think of the network that is stuck, it gives me a headache. In addition, there is also the moment when the family robs the network cable, which is really miserable.

When the network speed is not good, it is really worrying ! Don’t rush, just replace it! WiFi speed is generally affected by the following factors, first check to see if these common problems occur in your home before making a decision.


The location of the router

The coverage of the router is limited, a normal network coverage is 100 meters, and there is a wall blocking it will have a great impact on the signal!

If you want your network to be unobstructed from the room to the toilet, the best placement of the router should be in the center of the house, or in a high place with no clutter. In this way, the router at the C position can shine brightly, and the signal is unobstructed.


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Written by KokPeng

29 Mar, 2022

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