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Building Details

Lebuh Bukit Kecil 6, Krystal Point Corporate Park, 14300 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Management Contact Number : 04-2623705


The manager is quite friendly nice guy.


We appreciating Krystal Idaman  Management &  Committee member for allowing us to provide high-speed internet at their residence with TIME Broadband. Enjoy your weekend with TIME Broadband !!!


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Firstly, highlights at the top of the place include a grand Hindu temple, church, mosque and also a snake show. Secondly, Krystal Idaman hosts a lot of amenities for the convenience of its residents. Moreover, the property offers well maintained and guarded car park.

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Therefore, the car park is big enough to accommodate the number of vehicles than allocated for the residents. Furthermore, there are two car parks, one is covered, and another is open. After that,  the security is also stringent that maintains twenty-four-hour surveillance and a card access system all over Krystal Idaman . Importantly,  there is constant patrolling an entry inside the park has to be authorized.

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In additionally, the facilities are rudimentary, but rest be assured that there is a chance for improvement and addition of new ones as well. Conclusion, there are lifts and a surau as well. There are a swimming pool and a wading pool for the safety of the kids as well.


What TIME Broadband do ???

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TIME Package

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19 May, 2021

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