TIME internet Broadband available at Sunway Tunas Retail Business & Office in Penang 


Nowadays, many landed houses or business areas can support time internet broadband. For example in this photo is one of our customers whose address is in Sunway tunas. It is very convenient to be in this location because there are many internet options: Unifi, Maxis Fibre and TIME. So it is very suitable for doing business here and don’t need to worry about the problem of port full . In addition, the time internet package is also very cost-effective, the retail business package 100mbps only costs RM139. The office package is only RM218 for 100mbps .


First we install the fiber box outside as shown in the picture. After that it will connect to the WiFi modem along the side of the wall. After the installation is complete, we will test the connection to see if it can be used.


Lastly, we will test whether the internet speed is up to standard. After all is completed, only need to sign on the form provided to prove that all procedures have been completed . If you want to know or know more about time internet you can come to ask us. We will do our best to help you change the era of slow internet.


  • Fastest Speeds (Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.
  • Get a faster internet experience with TIME Devices, strong Wi-Fi in your entire business, and unlimited data!
  • Enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere with whole-business coverage.
  • Our Tech Ninjas have got your back with 24/7 support over the phone, chat, or handy digital tools.

Written by KokPeng

14 Mar, 2022

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