Macallum block 362 Management Office Contact

| Broadband Coverage

Building Management Manager

Building Management: RCC Facility Management

Contact Number : 01137207895

Email Address : block362.rcc@outlook.com

The manger is quite friendly nice guy.

We appreciate Macallum block 362 Building Management &  Committee member for allowing us to provide high-speed internet at their residence with TIME Broadband

Maccallum 362
Maccallum 362

Firstly, Macallum block 362 is a building located at Off Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu in George Town, Penang. Next, Macallum block 362 is a beautiful development with all the first-class facilities. The location of Macallum block 362 is also ideal for their resident because It is easy to connect to Dr. Lebuhraya Tun Lum Chong Eu.

Maccallum 362

In addition, it is the central area of Penang. Buses, taxis and private transportation are available almost 24 hours a day in the area. In addition, it is very easy to travel from the area to any part of the city. Residents can hop on the bus or book a taxi. They can also book private transportation such as Grab to easily get to their destination.

Maccallum 362
Maccallum 362

Until today, we have also helped a lot of residents who live there to install the TIME internet. All of the residents are very happy and satisfied with our service !!! If you are interested in TIME internet, u can contact us to know more about the package !!!


  • Fastest Speeds (Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.
  • Get a faster internet experience with TIME Devices, strong Wi-Fi in your entire home, and unlimited data!
  • Enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere with whole-home wireless coverage.
  • Our Tech Ninjas have got your back with 24/7 support over the phone, chat, or handy digital tools.
time internet coverage

Faster come and apply TIME Broadband at Macallum Block 362 feel the quality. Apply call/ WhatsApp 0123682222

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Written by YaoCong

15 Dec, 2021

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