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Compare The Malaysia’s Fibre Broadband Packages

Malaysia Fibre Broadband Packages are up and rising. TIME broadband. Digi broadband. Celcom broadband. Unifi broadband. Maxis Fibrenation Broadband. Astro IPTV. Unifi broadband. Which one of these fibre broadband companies offers you a broadband package that comes with the fastest internet speed at the lowest price? Which one gives you the most value for your money? Is the fibre broadband has the most stable connection? The service provider offers you a plan with unlimited internet? Which fibre broadband is tailored to your Internet needs best?

So, If you are intimidated by all the internet packages out there and losing sleep over which broadband service to choose from, well, fret not. We are here to clear your confusion and give you a detailed of what Malaysian broadband service providers are offering.

Besides, Our research uncovered many broadband providers which offer attractive internet plans for Malaysians at an affordable price. We also discovered that all home broadband providers give you unlimited internet!


Which Broadband Package Suits You Best?

So, Our research on the various broadband services and packages out there led us to create a comparison chart for you, for your easy reference. At-a-glance, here’s a list of internet providers, what packages they offer, their pay-per-use call charges, internet speed and price comparisons:

Broadband Price Table

Compare The Malaysia’s Fibre Broadband Packages

Broadband Price Comparison

From as low as RM80 a month, you can now have unlimited internet access in your home. Internet speed ranges from 30 Mbps to a whopping 1 Gbps to cater to both homes and businesses. Prices range from an affordable RM80 a month to RM299, depending on which broadband package you choose.

Besides, If you are not a heavy internet user and use it just for browsing and social media. Maxis broadband, Celcom broadbandAstro IPTV and Unifi broadband all offer 30 Mbps internet packages with pay-per-use voice calls.

Besides, The price range for 30 Mbps Internet package is between RM80 to RM89. Here is a breakdown of what Malaysian broadband providers are charging for 30 Mbps. Maxis Broadband is priced at RM89, Celcom broadband at RM80, Astro IPTV at RM89 and Unifi broadband at RM89 per month. TIME broadband does not offer any 30 Mbps package. TIME broadband’s internet speed starts from 100 Mbps and above.

Looking For Faster Internet Speeds… 100 Mbps And Above?

If you want to do more with the internet – stream movies, upload and download files online, for example – look for higher internet speed (at least 100 Mbps). You are spoilt for choice as many fibre broadband service providers in Malaysia offer 100 Mbps internet speed packages. Whilst TIME broadband was the first service provider to give us the (then) fast speed of 100 Mbps, Celcom broadband, Maxis broadband, Astro IPTV and Unifi broadband have all caught up in terms of internet speed. Today, these five broadband service providers in Malaysia offer broadband packages with an internet speed of 100 Mbps or higher.

Furthermore, Which broadband provider gives you the best price for 100 Mbps? TIME broadband wins hands down here. TIME broadband offers you 100 Mbps of unlimited fibre broadband for just RM99 a month, making TIME broadband the cheapest internet provider in this speed category. In addition, Celcom broadband comes in a close second, pricing their 100 Mbps package at RM120 a month. Maxis broadband, Astro IPTV and Unifi broadband all offer are all priced at RM129 a month for 100 Mbps internet speed. If 100 Mbps is what you are looking for, TIME broadband gives you the most bang for your buck.

Astro Broadband 2

Compare The Malaysia’s Fibre Broadband Packages

300 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 800 Mbps internet speed packages are also available from TIME broadband and Maxis Fibre Nation, priced between RM139 to RM299. Maxis broadband offers 300 Mbps at RM149, 500 Mbps at RM219, 800 Mbps at RM299. For these higher speed internet packages, TIME broadband is the cheapest, giving you 500 Mbps of internet speed at just RM139.

In addition, That’s not all. TIME broadband raises the bar even higher – it is the first and only fibre broadband company in Malaysia with an impressive 1 Gbps internet speed! The price? RM199 per month – just top up RM99 from your 100 Mbps package to enjoy the escalated internet speed of 1 Gbps!

all broadband plan

Compare The Malaysia’s Fibre Broadband Packages

Pay-As-You-Use Voice Calls

In addition, Whichever internet speed you choose, all these broadband service providers offer pay-as-you-call voice services on top of internet service. Just like with internet speed and price, these pay-as-you-use voice call charges vary too, depending on which broadband provider and which package you choose.

So. If you choose the 30 Mbps or 100 Mbps internet speed package, Celcom broadband lets you make pay-per-use calls for 10 sen per minute. Furthermore, Unifi broadband’s pay-per-use calls cost twice as much at 20 sen per minute. Astro IPTV’s pay-as-you-use service is optional, whilst Maxis broadband’s pay-per-use service gives you the option to upgrade to unlimited calls for just an additional RM10 per month.

Now that you have all these facts and figures,  you can make an informed decision and choose the Internet package that suits your needs and pockets best.

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Written by angyiqi

13 Aug, 2020

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