Medan Ria PENANG Management Office Contact | Broadband Coverage

Building Management Manager 

Company Name: Perbadanan Pengurusan Medan Ria

Contact Number : 

Company Email Address: medanriamgnt@gmail.com

We are grateful that the management and committee members of Medan Ria for enabling TIME Broadband to deliver a high-speed internet to their house.

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Medan Ria is a medium-priced apartment in Georgetown, Penang’s densely populated district. This apartment was constructed only a few years ago, so it is a brand-new structure with plenty of space. For its many popular amenities/facilities just a few streets away from the building, it has been in steady demand among house seekers.

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If we look at the nearby entertainment zones, we can see that there is a popular mid-size mall with a variety of beautiful restaurants, prominent pubs, branded stores, and tiny gaming zones for kids and teens. Medan Ria is a two-block structure with six levels on one and nine floors on the other. The building has a total of 158 units, each of which is approximately 700 square feet in size.


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Written by KokPeng

6 Oct, 2021

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