No internet connection? How to Troubleshoot Internet Issues ?

No internet connection? Why is your Wi-Fi not working? Many different things can be the culprit. Sometimes the solution is simple-maybe your router is out of date or just needs a quick restart.

But sometimes it is more complicated. Therefore, we have compiled a simple guide to help you troubleshoot your Internet Issues and make your Wi-Fi unblocked again.

We cover the simple tips at below of this guide, but if you encounter some internet issues, please feel free to take our suggestions. let’s start.

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Restart your device

The first thing you need do is restart your device, which may seem overly simple. It won’t always work, but it will give the operating system an opportunity to clean things out and try again if it’s frozen, doesn’t recognise the network, or is simply being obstinate.


Check if there is an internet interruption

You may not be the only person unable to access the Internet. Check Twitter or Google to see if others in your area are experiencing internet interruptions or connection difficulties due to your provider.

You can also check the Down Detector website for updates on Internet outages, or call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check.

Troubleshoot Internet Issues

Visit several different websites

If the website you are visiting fails to load, go to another website. Does it load correctly? This means that the original website you visited may be closed by all visitors.

If the website does not load properly, the connection problem is likely to occur on your side or with your provider.


Pay your internet bill

Your internet service might be disrupted just because you neglected to pay your bill—this may seem overly apparent, but it has happened! Please contact your internet provider or pay your monthly price online to reactivate your service. Also, set up automatic payments so you won’t have to worry about it again.


Get fiber internet

Fiber-optic Internet is the quickest and most dependable option available. As a result, if you have the option of purchasing a fibre internet package for your house, we strongly advise you to do so since it will considerably lessen the likelihood of frustrating Wi-Fi slowdowns and service disruptions that are more typical with other internet connection types.

Apply for home and office broadband with us, and we are ready to help you at any time! ! !

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Written by YaoCong

28 Oct, 2021

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