TIME Transfer Ownership

How do I request a transfer of ownership?

The reason of ownership transfer of TIME internet

TIME internet transfer Ownerhip

Move out to a new address without TIME internet, and found someone to continue the service

TIME Broadband transfer Osnwership

Want to apply TIME internet without a contact lock or Prefer to have TIME internet for less than a year

Double-check your contract balance first, and let the new owner know when is the contract end.

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Upgrade to TIME

    Let’s move on the way of Ownership Transfer via the TIME internet Self-Care

    Step 1: Login via Self Care

    TIME internet self care

    Login ID is your MyKad No. / Passport No. / BRN

    Step 2: Here the dashboard select Manage Plan

    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

    Step 3: After Select Manage Plan here to select Transfer Ownership

    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business
    astro business

    Step 4: After Select Transfer Ownership here info of New Owner need


    1. All outstanding amounts must be paid in full before submitting the Transfer Ownership request.
    2. A one-month advance payment will be charged to avoid any disputes. This will be refunded once the Transfer of Ownership is successful.
    3. If your nominee resides at a different address to yourself, a Relocation Request must be submitted and completed after requesting a Transfer of Ownership. Only one modification request will be allowed under any account at any one time.
    4. A Transfer of Ownership request will be completed within 14 days from the date of submission by your nominee.
    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

    Make sure to clear the outstanding first then only can process the transfer ownership

    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

    Bank details required for refunds (if any) on foreigner deposit, etc.
    Refunds will be made in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) via bank transfer.
    Refunds will be processed within 90 days from the final bill date and made payable to the account owner.

    Step 5: Here the confirmation

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    Step 6: Next is to clear the outstanding and Advance Payment

    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

    Select the payment method u prefer

    Step 7: Enter your payment detail to process

    Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

    After payment is made, then wait for the approval. 

    Via Selfcare Manage Plan have Option to Select:

      Change broadband plan removebg preview
      Relocation removebg preview
      transfer ownership removebg preview
      termiante service removebg preview

      incase your new address not yet apply any internet or still searching for which service provider, let us to assist and help your check n recommend u which is the best for your new address. ok👌🏻

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