Desa Bukit Jambul Condominium|TIME Internet AnyTIME Anywhere


Desa Bukit Jambul Condominium|TIME Internet AnyTIME Anywhere
Desa Bukit Jambul is a low-density freehold condominium located on the slopes of Bukit Jambul, Timor Laut, Penang. It is completed in the year 2000. Based on the community’s review, the cleanliness and safety can be rated 5 out of 5 in this area. It can be concluded that it is a good place which suitable for families stays too. Desa Bukit Jambul is a block which consisting a single block of 10 stories with built-up area with 1090 square foot per unit.

There are 94 units housed within this block. Each floor has only 8 units and all the units is offered a good view of the sea and the hills. This property offering many facilities to the residents such as parking space, swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, gymnasium, children’s playground, landscaping and lifts. This property is concern about the safety of its residents, it also has 24-hour security.  Each unit has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

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Therefore, this nice and beautiful place also provide the Fibre Home and the internet speed is can up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps)! Wow,  that is TIME Internet Service available here! This is one reason residents like this place because can get the more high-speed internet to use and with the cheaper price. Most of residents have already apply and using the TIME Internet for their home at The Landmark. It is cheaper and high-speed internet, so the residents are very satisfied can enjoy the fast internet at their comfortable home with their family or friends. Whether they want to watch an online movie, play an online game or browse something online is no problem. So, the best environment plus the high-speed internet that is a great experience!

Desa Bukit Jambul Condominium|TIME Internet AnyTIME Anywhere

Enjoy a smooth and faster internet speed in a comfortable environment.

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