Desa Tanjong Apartment|TIME Internet 100% Fibre Optic Cables


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Desa Tanjong Apartment|TIME Internet 100% Fibre Optic Cables
This condo is facilitated with all the important amenities to improvise the lifestyle of the residents. It has covered car parking lot which is easily accessible by the residents of this condo. Furthermore, it also has a well-equipped gymnasium room, playground and a swimming pool. The building is safeguarded with 24 hours security system along with CCTV monitoring and trained personnel. Desa Tanjong is tactically located near a busy location of the city and hence, there are many necessary amenities for a better living standard. There are a total of 60 units which are stacked on 19 floors. Each unit has a layout with a combination of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The units in this apartment possess a built-up size of approx 1,120 to 1,130 sq. ft.

In addition, do you know guys. Staying here you also can get and experience the fast internet at you home because stay here you can get the Fibre Home Internet speed up to 1000mbps (1 Gbps)! That is TIME Internet Service! If you are looking for the home with the cheaper and high-speed internet, yes, try the TIME Internet! It is cheaper also can get high-speed internet broadband to enjoy what you love to do online. The 100Mbps only RM 99! Besides, most of the residents are already apply and using the TIME Internet for their home. They also feel satisfied with the high-speed internet. So, the residents that don’t install the internet at home yet, come and try the TIME Internet, install the fast internet at home now.

Desa Tanjong Apartment|TIME Internet 100% Fibre Optic Cables
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