Ferringhi Delima Condominium|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.


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Ferringhi Delima Condominium|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.
Ferringhi Delima Condominium is situated at Persiaran Sungai Emas, Penang. The property is appropriate for first time owners or people with minimum budget. The condominium was completed in the year 1999.Then, the total number of floors in the building is 16 that consist of 256 units. The units have a built up size of approximately 700 sqft. The entire building is served by two lifts. The units are smaller in size and have cozy feel to them. The units are modest and partially furnished. There are several amenities present in the vicinity along with a bit of distance from the clamor of the daily city life. So the location of the property is perfect for people who want to have a calm environment for their home.

Security is prioritized so that residents can feel safe and secured in their homes. There is a twenty-four hours security to make sure that the safety of the residents is not compromised. Guarded personals do not allow any unauthorized intrusion and the strangers are thoroughly checked. The car parks are big enough to accommodate all the vehicles of the residents and are well covered to protect them from the natural elements and vandalism. There is also a game room for both adults and kids.

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Therefore, this nice and beautiful place also provide the Fibre Home and the internet speed is can up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps)! That is TIME Internet Service available here! Besides, this is the one reason residents like this place because can get the more high-speed internet to use. In addition, most of residents have already apply and using the TIME Internet for their home here. Because, It is cheaper and high-speed internet. So the residents are very satisfied can enjoy the fast internet at their comfortable home with their family or friends. Furthermore, whether they want to watch an online movie, play an online game or browse something online is no problem. So, the best environment plus the high-speed internet that is a great experience.

Ferringhi Delima Condominium|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.

Come, let’s take you up to the moon, at your comfortable home also can enjoy the high-speed internet connection. Many people apply maybe will port full, faster come and grab it.

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