Hillpark Residences|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.


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Hillpark Residences|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.
Hillpark Residences is a freehold mixed housing development that consists of double storey superlink houses, double storey zero lot bungalows as well as 2 1/2 storey bungalows. It is located along Jalan Hillpark, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Hillpark Residences is a beautifully architected mixed housing development. This project brings with it a wide variety of facilities. Such facilities include the basic ones that any residence ought to have such as an indoor car park, 24 hour security even a playground for the little ones. Besides that, adults can go to the gymnasium at Hillpark Residences for a good workout.

Moreover, Hillpark Residences also comes with its very own cafeteria where residents will be able to easily get their meals. Furthermore, those who live here will be able to experience luxury by relaxing in the Jacuzzi provided. Otherwise, they may also sweat it out in the sauna here. This project also offers an exclusive game room. Other unique facilities include a spectacular sky bridge and a prosperity feng shui fountain. Needless to say, Hillpark Residences is an ideal place to reside as the wealth of facilities here will make for a very comfortable living experience.

Hillpark Residences|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.

In addition, do you know guys. Stay at Hillpark Residence you also can get and experience the fast internet at you home because stay here you can get the Fibre Home Internet speed up to 1000mbps (1 Gbps)! That is TIME Internet Service! If you are looking for the home with the cheaper and high-speed internet, yes, try the TIME Internet! It is cheaper also can get high-speed internet broadband to enjoy what you love to do online. The 100Mbps only RM 99! Besides, most of the residents are already apply and using the TIME Internet for their home with us. They also feel satisfied with the high-speed internet. So, the residents that don’t install the internet at home yet, come and try the TIME Internet, install the fast internet at home now.

Come, let’s take you up to the moon, at your comfortable home also can enjoy with a high-speed internet connection.

Hillpark Residences|TIME Internet Speed Up to 1000Mbps.

We hope you folks are ready for speeds of up to 1000Mbps!
100Mbps ONLY RM99

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