Intermittent internet connection using Wi-Fi

1. Router positioning

Most people underestimate the importance of choosing a good location for a Wi-Fi router. Even small changes in positioning can end up being the difference between day and night.

        •  High and low

        Place the router as high as possible to extend the broadcast range of the radio waves. This also helps to clear possible interference from the router.

        • Distance to router

        The further you are from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal. So your best bet is to place your router as close to your device as possible, but this is only practical if you have a primary area to use your device.

          • Concrete and Metal

          Make sure your router is not blocked by any other objects, especially electronics. Also, avoid placing your router in a basement, as this area is usually surrounded by a lot of concrete, making it nearly impossible for Wi-Fi signals to penetrate.


          Wireless Interference and Noise

          You may never notice, but wherever you go, there are wireless signals all around you, and they’re passing through you all the time. Electronic devices, Wi-Fi routers, satellites, cell towers, etc.

          Although the frequency of Wi-Fi should be different from most of these devices, the amount of radio noise can still cause interference. Some common causes of interference include:

          • Microwave oven
          • Bluetooth device
          • Television

          Ambient Wi-Fi signal

          It’s a fact of the modern world that every home has its own Wi-Fi network, which can cause problems with overlapping channels. This can be a problem in townhouses, but is especially problematic in residential areas and condos, where there may be many routers nearby.

          That’s why it’s important to choose a good channel in your router settings. Modern routers can automatically choose the channel for you, but sometimes it’s best to do your own research and find the best channel.



          However, it’s more likely that people on your network (such as friends, roommates, or family) are engaging in bandwidth-hungry activities such as gaming and streaming Ultrabox/Netflix.

          Fortunately, if this is the case, you can prioritize your own network traffic by enabling Quality of Service in your router settings.


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          Written by KokPeng

          28 Apr, 2022

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