How to relocate your TIME service


How to Request?
  • Firstly , relocation request must be submitted via selfcare.time.com.my
Coverage Availability
  • Outdoor relocation will be subjected to coverage availability.
  • Besides , can check this from our Self Care portal.
Relocate Type

  • INDOOR RELOCATION – Relocation of device within the same house/unit.
  • OUTDOOR RELOCATION –  Relocation of service to another unit/floor/or building.
  • INDOOR RELOCATION – RM80 charged to the next bill.
  • OUTDOOR RELOCATION RM120 charged to the next bill.
  • Additional charges may apply if extra cabling is needed.
Bring the Device
  • In addition , please bring along the Optical Network Unit (ONU), router, and dect phone (if any) to your new location.
    TIME relocation

    Step 1. Login to selfcare.time.com.my

    TIME relocation

    Step 2. Choose “MANAGE PLAN”

    TIME relocation

    Step 3. Choose “RELOCATE

    TIME relocation

    Step 4. Choose the Relocation Type

    TIME relocation

    Step 5. Coverage Check

    TIME relocation

    Step 6. Enter the Address and click “NEXT”


    Q1 : Why I’m not able to choose the relocation date when submitting the request?

    A1 : Your new building may be undergoing network upgrade. Our team will be contacting you within 2 working days to confirm on this.

    Q2 : What option do I have if my new location is not within TIME coverage?

    A2 : You may need to unsubscribe to our services if that is the case .

    Q3 : My new location is not within TIME coverage. Can I request for waiver of early termination penalty?

    A3 : We will not be able to waive the penalty as the 24 months contract is tied to the current location. After that chose to transfer your account to another person to avoid this penalty.

    Q4 : How do I reschedule the appointment?

    A4 : You may reschedule the appointment once under “Recent Activities” in Self Care. However, this option will not be available 3 working days before the actual appointment date.

    Q5 : What can I do if I have entered a wrong unit number/address?

    A5 : You will need to resubmit the request using the correct address. Contact us to withdraw the existing request.

    TIME relocation

    Lastly ,option to reschedule will only be available ONCE and must be submitted at least 3 working days before the actual appointment date. 

    In conclusion, if you want to know more information you can leave a message here or call us on 0123682222. However , If you think this article is good, you can share it with your friends. Thanks for watching.


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    Written by KokPeng

    24 Mar, 2022

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