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  • I have subscribed to TIME Fibre Home Broadband but my service has not been activated yet. Do I have the option of upgrading or downgrading my current plan?

Your service will be installed and activated at the speed you have subscribed to, and it will be upgraded no later than a week after. Once that’s done, you can change your plan on Self Care.

  • How do I know if my speed has been upgraded?

We’ll send you an email and text message once it’s done, and you can log in to Self Care to view your updated subscription information. You can also perform a speed test here.

We always recommend performing a speed test by connecting your desktop or laptop computer to your router using a CAT-5e LAN cable, as you may not be able to achieve full speeds over WiFi. Click here to learn how you can have the best experience over WiFi.

  • Why is my Internet slow?

Your broadband connection is influenced by many factors, including device compatibility and whether you’re using a WiFi or wired connection. Download our guide to learn more and to troubleshoot your connection easily.

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  • I live in a landed property. When will TIME Fibre Home Broadband be available to me?

We’d love to serve all Malaysians with the broadband they deserve, but currently we’re not able to cover landed property. For the latest updates, follow our FB page at

  • The condominium next to mine has TIME coverage; when will mine be fibered?

While we would love to serve all condominiums, at times we are unable to gain access for various reasons. Do ask your JMB to get in touch with us at 1 800 18 1818 or and we will take it from there.

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  • What documents are required for subscription?

i. MyKad / passport for non-Malaysians

ii. Credit card (MasterCard / Visa) if the Auto Debit payment method is selected.

  • When do I get my first bill?

This depends on your billing cycle and that’s determined after your service is activated. You may notice pro-rated charges in your first bill.

To find out which high speed broadband provider offers the best coverage in your area, call 0123682222 today. You can expect a hassle-free experience and super fast installation.

Written by angyiqi

28 Sep, 2020

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