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How to terminate TIME internet?

Terminating the service is short feel click will do…

Whatever reason also can, most important have you checked the Contract Period?

You can see on the dashboard, when login to selfcare

TIME 221019 Step 1 check contract

Just remind you if the break before of contract ends the penalty fee is RM500

The below solutions maybe can help you reduce the penalty fee:
1. Transfer ownership to friends or family and continue the service
2. Relocation of the service to address available TIME internet

Change broadband plan removebg preview
Relocation removebg preview
transfer ownership removebg preview
termiante service removebg preview
SIti Aisha

Cik Siti Aisha

I do call many time to 1800181818 to guide me for cancellation of TIME internet, mana tahu the customer service very susah get contacted until I found this number 0174338888, their pick up my call answer by human senang la ni macam vs cakap dgn robot.

Actually, I moved out to a new address without TIME internet service, but I still, have the balance of the contact kena penalty fee of RM500.

And the person asked me to see have any friends who use TIME over 2 years can transfer to them to continue for the service.

I feel lucky to get connected with them talk less than 10 minutes, given me the solution and help me save RM500.


Jack Loh

I saw the new promotion and plan to apply for a new one and cancel the current account. As I remember used more than 2 years of no more contracts, then sought someone to guide me to the terminate TIME internet service.

When I receive calls from 012 368 2222 the salesperson guide me to check of contract balance first then found the contract was extended 🤔. I forgot a year ago the TIME sales call and promo upgraded the plan, feel very uneconomical, and should not accept their offer.

If I do not submit my enquire here, then apply a new plan then I may suffer for 2 accounts in 1 house.

TIME Broadband
TIME internet speed

We are here to help

    Let’s we move on the way of terminate the TIME internet service

    Step 1: Select Manage Plan

    TIME internet manage Plan

    Here the dashboard when u login

    Step 2: Select Terminate Service

    TIME 221019 Step 3 select

    Here the dashboard when u login

    Step 3: Confirm of your detail

    A minimum of 30 days notice is required for any cancellation request.
    A minimum of RM500 early termination penalty OR Remaining Contractual Months early termination penalty will be imposed on service termination within contract period as stipulated in the Terms & Conditions accompanying the subscription of the Services(s).
    Refunds will be made in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) via bank transfer.
    Refunds will be processed within 90 days from the final bill date and made payable to the account owner.
    The submission will be rejected if the form is incomplete and 30 days notice will be calculated from the new submission date.

    TIME internet termination confirmation of info 1
    TIME internet terminate of last service date
    TIME selfcare manage plan

    Bank details required for refund (if any).

    Step 4: Confirm of your termination detail

    termination of confirmation

    Step 5: TIME Received your request!

    Termination of TIME internet receive

    Bank details required for refund (if any).

    share with us what Reason for the Termination

    ✔️ Switching Providers
    ✔️ Relocations
    ✔️ Or Other?