What is the problem that sometimes causes our network to be slow and no stable? Let me tell you a few reasons why our home wifi slow.   Untitled presentation 13

Obstacles: Obstacles such as stone walls, electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, and other wireless and Bluetooth devices, the source of unstable wifi signals.


Distance: The distance also is one reason that causes you wifi no stable to use, if your PC or device is far from the router, it is one of the causes of weak wifi and decreased speed.


Outdated Modem: Maybe you use the modem for an already long time and the modem’s internal wifi antenna is low gain. If the internal antenna is like this, there is no other way and needs to change to a new modem.


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Never reboots router: Set automatic reboot in modem settings or take time to reboot your router, that will go smoother to use the internet.


Internet packages: Packages that are speed capped also cause the wifi to feel weak when many people access the same internet. If many people use the internet at the house, maybe you can try to upgrade the internet speed.


Hidden router: Do not place the router on the floor or in a sheltered place, place it high and open and the wifi signal will go smoother and without obstacles.

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Written by angyiqi

17 Mar, 2021

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