TIME Broadband Relocation

Worried about your TIME broadband when moving houses? We’re here to help.

TIME Broadband Relocation Service – Important Notice

TIME Broadband Relocation Service

Moving Soon? Secure Your Wi-Fi Bliss with TIME Broadband Relocation!

2 things want to confirm with you!

1. Check coverage: Ensure seamless streaming & gaming at your new place.
2. Contract balance: Get ready for a smooth transition & avoid surprises.

How We Helped Customers and here the Witness the Power of Smooth TIME Broadband Relocation

TIME internet relocation

Cik Lisa

TIME Broadband Relocation wasn’t exactly new territory. Last time, I went it alone and ended up paying a whopping RM120 relocation fee! This time, I decided to be smart and called 0174338888. πŸš€ Within minutes, the friendly Ms. Chanelle not only advised me on how to avoid the fee, but also told me how to score a brand new Wi-Fi 6 router and some awesome promotions worth up to RM500! 🎁Talk about going the extra mile! If you’re looking for reliable and budget-friendly broadband, πŸ‘πŸΌ Ms. Chanelle at TIME is your go-to person! πŸ™πŸΌ

TIME broadband relocation new address

En. Fahmi

I recently relocated and had to switch my internet to TIME. Feeling unsure, I reached out to πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦° Ms. Ng at 03 5888 8388, and she promptly addressed all my queries. Ms. Ng not only provided all the necessary information but also guided me on securing a waiver for the relocation fee. She helped me choose the perfect plan tailored to my needs. As a bonus, I snagged an excellent deal on their latest WiFi 6 router, the New Mesh Wifi, enhancing my internet speed. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Ng for her exceptional service and support. πŸ‘πŸΌ

TIME fibre relocation

Mr. Calvin

The Calvin family, passionate about online games, made top-notch internet a priority when moving to a larger house. Contacting TIME Broadband at 03 5888 8388, where Mr. Ong assisted them, they discovered that their new location offered perfect gaming speeds of up to 2Gbps, even in a landed housing area. With valuable guidance on how to obtain a relocation waiver and upgrade their plan, they secured a complimentary Wi-Fi 6 router. Their home has now become a gaming paradise πŸš€, where Mr. Calvin dominates online leaderboards, engages in multiplayer gaming, and streams movies without any disruptions. The Calvin family credits TIME Broadband as the true star of their connected home. πŸ‘πŸΌ

TIME Broadband Relocation to New Address Just Easy as 1-2-3

Here we share with you how the TIME Broadband Relocation Service Hassle-Free

check coverage

Coverage Availability

  • Outdoor relocation will be subjected to coverage availability.
  • You can check this from our Self Care portal.
type of relocation

Relocation Type

  • INDOOR RELOCATION – Relocation of device within the same house /unit.
  • OUTDOOR RELOCATION – Relocation of service to another unit/floor/or building.
save money


  • INDOOR RELOCATION – RM80 charged to the next bill.
  • OUTDOOR RELOCATION – RM120 charged to the next bill.
    Additional charges may apply if extra cabling is needed.
wifi 6

Bring the Device

  • Please bring along the Optical Network Unit (ONU), router, and dect phone (if any) to your new location.

Step 1: Login to selfcare.time.com.my

TIME selfcare

Login with: MyKad/Passport number

Step 2 & 3: Check Contract and Select Manage Plan

TIME selfcare dashboard

in case your contract date is over, then call us to guide you. if not then just select Manage Plan to process

Step 4: Select Relocation Service

TIME selfcare Relcoation

These options will not be visible if you have another transaction ongoing. Option will be only visible after that transactions is completed

Step 5: Choose the Relocation Type

TIME broadband relocation 1

U Want Move TIME Broadband relocation to new address or within your own unit in house?

Step 6: Check Coverage

TIME internet relocation 1

TIME Broadband has aggressively expanded its fibre broadband coverage to landed property in the Northern, Central, and Southern regions. Incase move to landed address also can try to check with us.

Step 7: Enter the Address and click β€œNEXT”

TIME fibre relocation 1

Make sure your address is correct.Β 

Step 8: Chose the date and click next

TIME internet fibre relocation

Select the date u prefer

Step 9: Confirm of the date

TIME relocation fee

Make sure all correct

Step 10: Confirm your new address and the fee

TIME Fibre Home Broadband Relocation

Double Check

Step 11: Confirm receive your order

Move out TIME

Just wait for installer to call you.

TIME Wifi 6
TIME Business Fibre Broadband 1
TIME Transfer Ownership
Terminate time