Why TIME internet contract more benefit vs without contract plan ?

Today, let us continue to share a story. It’s about a customer who is still a student who wants to apply for TIME Internet in the dormitory where he is studying in Kuala Lumpur.

In today’s daily life, it is very important to have a stable and fast Internet connection. Having a smooth internet speed will make whatever you do is very fast and convenient. That’s why he look for us to install a TIME internet in his dormitory.

But, since he only study in Kuala Lumpur for 1 year so he was worried because the contract for TIME internet is only for 2 years. If he just applies to TIME Internet for 1 year, means that he doesn’t need to sign a contract but needs to pay a RM500 deposit.

TIME Internet fiber scaled

After understanding his situation, we suggest the customer find his roommate who will live there for more than 2 years, so that after he back to his hometown, he is able to transfer the ownership to his roommate. In this way, he can sign up for 2 years contract and no need to pay a RM500 deposit !!!

Hearing this, he was very happy to come to us for consultation. After that, he directly signed a contract with us and was very satisfied with our service !!!

TIME Internet contract

But, how if the customer wants to transfer the time internet service in KL to his hometown in Penang. Is it Possible? The answer is yes. If you are still under your 2 years contract, you can just simply contact TIME internet customer service for relocation.

Remember, If you currently have other Internet services installed in your home, just wait for the TIME Internet to be successfully installed before you cut off the Internet services you are currently using. If not, you will not be able to connect to any Internet !!!

TIME internet landed

If you have any problem or having interested in the TIME Internet package, you can just contact us here !!! We will try to understand your situation and give you some advice based on that. All is FREE !!! So please don hesitate to contact us !!! Don’t forget to Leave a comment you share with your friends !!!

Authorized distributor for TIME Fibre Home Broadband™. TIME home fibre is the fastest home fibre in Malaysia. Call us on 0123682222 for further enquiry.

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Written by YaoCong

29 Dec, 2021

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