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Hello! Need some help for transfer ownership?

How To Transfer Owner of TIME Internet Account?

If you’re considering transferring your TIME Internet to someone else to continue the remaining months of the contract, or if you prefer applying for TIME Internet without a contract or for less than 12 months, here are the solutions for you to consider. Accepting the service from someone else could be a viable option, providing flexibility in your internet subscription.

TIME Broadband Relocation Service

If you notice the remaining months of your contract on the TIME Dashboard and wish to transfer of ownership to someone else, you can do so to manage the remaining duration more efficiently. This allows you to navigate contract changes and ensures a smoother transition for both parties involved.

TIME Internet Transfer of Ownership, Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!



I moved out with a remaining 12-month contract balance for TIME Internet. Breaking the contract would mean a hefty RM500 penalty fee. Fortunately, I came across this advice on how to avoid the penalty. I found a friend willing to continue the service for the remaining months, saving them from taking on a new 24-month contract. I hope sharing this information helps you save the RM500 penalty fee. Feel free to share with friends and family who might be in a similar situation.



Renting a home with a one-year lease posed a challenge for applying for TIME Internet, which typically requires a minimum commitment of two years. Fortunately, I came across someone who wanted to cancel their service. By assisting them in continuing the service, I was able to enjoy the remaining months of their contract. It turned out to be a win-win situation for both of us, offering a practical solution for customers. 👍🏼


En. Zam

TIME Internet without a contract requires a payment of RM400 with no promotional events for new customers. However, TIME allows for the transfer of ownership, enabling me to apply for the service with a 24-month contract. During the initial 12-24 months, I have ample time to find someone willing to continue the service. This sharing is accurate, eliminating the need for an upfront payment of RM400. I hope this information proves helpful if you’re considering applying for TIME Broadband service without a contract.

Maybe TIME Broadband Can Continue to Serve You in Some Landed Housing Areas

time broadband check coverage landed area
time internet cover landed address
on top of the drain
fibre to your home

Step 1: Login to selfcare.time.com.my

TIME selfcare

Login with: MyKad/Passport number

Step 2: Select Manage Plan

TIME Internet check contract

Step 3: Select Transfer Ownership

transfer owner manage plan

Select the Transfer Ownership

Step 4: Update the Nominee detail

transfer owner TIME Broadband

Update the detail of nominee, make sure is correct information

Step 5: Your Bank Detail

transfer owner TIME internet

Mostly will have over pay, so TIME need your bank detail for refund you

Step 6: Checking of your infomation

TIME Broadband transfer owner

Double check make sure all info correct.

Step 7: Advance Payment

TIME interenttransfer owner

Incase overpay will refund to your bank account

Step 8: Payment Card Detail

time eifi transfer owner

to process of payment

Finally, TIME Broadband has available in some landed housing areas

Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Johor

TIME Broadband landed area
TIME internet cover landed area
Gelang Patah
bayan baru penang
TIME Wifi 6
TIME Relocation
TIME Business Fibre Broadband 1
Terminate time