Why No internet?

Wifi connected but no internet’ problem.

Hate When There’s No Internet? You’re Not Alone!

TIME Broadband Relocation Service

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Broadband Experience

Explore our expert tips and tricks to elevate your broadband experience. Learn how to make the most out of your internet subscription and optimize your connection for seamless online activities.

No Internet connection issues troubleshooting

My WIFI name is not showing

Optimal WiFi Router Placement

Unlock the full potential of your WiFi and position your router strategically, ensuring better coverage, minimal interference, and improved connectivity.
Elevate your internet experience by making the right moves in router placement.

✔️ Place it in an open area
✔️ Place it in a central location or close to where you use your devices most
✔️ Place it on a slightly elevated location (eg: high table / open shelf)

❌ Interference from electronic equipment
❌ Heat source
❌ Water source such as fish tanks

Is the internet down in my area

Restarting Your WiFi Router for Peak Performance

Is your router running 24/7? Excessive usage can slow down its performance, leading to disruptions in your connection. Learn how a simple restart can revitalize your router, boosting its efficiency. Follow these easy steps: switch it off, unplug for 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. Elevate your internet experience with this quick fix!

Current internet status in my area

Secure Your Connection

Tips to Safeguard Your WiFi Network from Slowdowns
Is your WiFi slowing down due to too many users? Ensure a smooth connection by limiting simultaneous users and regularly updating your WiFi password. Take control of your network to prevent freeloaders and optimize your internet speed.

wifi troubleshooting

Maximize Your WiFi Speed

A Guide to Optimal Frequency Selection
Is your WiFi slowing you down? Discover the power of dual-band routers, offering the choice between 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for an enhanced experience. Think of 5GHz as your express route in crowded areas, perfect for closer distances, while 2.4GHz provides a wider coverage when you’re further away. Switch up your WiFi frequency and unlock the best performance for every scenario.

Wi Fi network name not displaying

Boost Your Internet

Minimize Bandwidth Drain with Smart Device Management
Is your internet slowing down? Check if devices are simultaneously running high-bandwidth activities.
❓ Streaming high quality videos
❓ Syncing large files on Dropbox
❓ Downloading of torrent files
❓ Game and application updates

Wifi Line suspended

Wifi Router Upgrades for Better Performance

Upgrading your speeds? Ensure your router can keep up.
*Check with us for a Free Wifi Router.

Experience TIME Broadband Commitment to Customer Care & Innovation

TIME Broadband Modem Below Which Wifi Device You Use Now?

TIME Broadband modem Cisco Linksys
TIME Broadband modem ZTE ZXHN H298N
TIME Broadband modem D link dir 850L
TIME Broadband modem Tp‑link Archer c1200
TIME Broadband modem Tp Link AC1350
TIME Broadband modem Huawei HG8145V5
TIME Broadband modem TP Link EC440
TIME Broadband modem WIFI 6 family 1

Never settle for outdated tech!

TIME Broadband brings you the future of Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6 devices. Enjoy faster speeds, better stability, and a smooth online experience.

TIME internet WiFi 6
TIME Broadband WiFi 6

Several reasons could lead to a Wi-Fi network name not displaying

Signal Interference

Router Issues

The router might be facing technical problems that prevent it from broadcasting the network name.

Configuration Settings

Configuration Settings

Incorrect configuration settings in the router, such as hiding the SSID (network name), can cause it not to display.

Network Visibility Settings

Network Visibility

The device you’re using to connect may have settings that prevent it from displaying certain Wi-Fi networks.

Router Placement

Upgrade to Wifi 6

Old Wifi may be the reason, can check it out to upgrade the WiFi 6 for enhanced performance. 🚀. 

Finally, TIME Broadband has available in some landed housing areas

Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Johor

TIME Broadband landed area
TIME internet cover landed area
Gelang Patah
bayan baru penang
If your connection is suspended due to payment

You can settle via selfcare or quick pay for instant restoration.
For other payment channels, expect 1-2 working days for service reactivation.

Wi-Fi network name not displaying

It might have reverted to default. Look for ‘Blazing Speed,’ our default WiFi name.

How can i check about my TIME internet speed?

Use this website for an internet speed test. Set intervals and check your speed easily.

TIME Wifi 6
TIME Relocation
TIME Transfer Ownership
Terminate time

Maybe TIME Broadband Can Continue to Serve You in Some Landed Housing Areas

time broadband check coverage landed area
time internet cover landed address
on top of the drain
fibre to your home