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I want to give someone else ownership of my cellphone number. How do I do that?

To transfer ownership of your mobile number, drop by any Maxis Center. The transfer of ownership of the mobile number requires the presence of both the old and new owners.


Where can I seek a modification or ownership transfer for my Maxis services or account?

If you have the necessary paperwork and both the current and new owners are present, you can seek a transfer of ownership at a Maxis Center. For additional information on some of the usual scenarios, please see the FAQs below. Ownership transfers are only possible in Maxis Centers. HERE you may find the closest Maxis Center.


Recently, a dear one of mine died. Can I modify who owns a Maxis account that is his or hers?

Of course you can. To change ownership, kindly enter the Maxis Center. The following mandatory papers are needed:

  • Death certificate of registered owner as proof of death.
  • Proof of kinship required for ownership transfer
  • Spouse: a marriage licence.
  • Parent to Child or Child to Parent: Original Birth or Adoption Certificate.


My daughter recently received her college diploma and began working. I prefer that she handle her own phone expenses. How do I approach it?

This will include giving your daughter ownership of your service. To complete this alteration, both parties must attend Maxis Center. Please bring your MyKad with you as this is a significant change; we will verify your biometric information before making any changes. Please enter Maxis Center personally with your passport if you are an international visitor.

Advice: If your daughter has never used Maxis before, she must register for a new account and may be required to pay in advance. Deposits made by foreigners are acceptable.


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If you do not plan to transfer ownership and prefer to terminate your current Maxis Plan, click here for more guidance.



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6 Sep, 2022

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