U Mobile 5G Office Fibre-Like Broadband

Don’t let issues like Missing Unit, Full Ports, or No Fibre Port in your area hinder your internet access. We’ve got you covered with U Mobile’s 5G Office Broadband at an unbeatable half-price of RM39. Say goodbye to worries and hello to seamless connectivity!

pakej 5g wifi

5G Broadband

pakej 5g plan

Free of Contract

pakej 5g promo

No installation

Witness How We’ve Helped Users Break Free from Headaches and Enjoy Unmatched 5G Broadband Fiber-Like High-Speed Connections!

temporary office with 5G WiFi

5G Modem Plugs In Without the Contract Drama!

Temporary office, temporary internet? Ditch the contract mess! U Mobile 5G brings instant setup, lightning speeds, and zero commitments. Work seamlessly, move freely, and keep your business connected, all with U Mobile 5G!

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Outstation Students & Workers, We Hear You!

Say goodbye to deposit woes and slow speeds! U Mobile 5G understands the struggles of outstation students & workers. Get instant setup, blazing-fast speeds & nationwide coverage, all without contracts. We’ve got your back, hustle on!

Missing Unit Port Full No fibre port 1

Relocation Frustrations? Port Full Drama? No More!

See how this family cut the cord, switched to U Mobile 5G, and saved money while enjoying smooth video streaming without any headaches. Join their happy family and experience the joy of hassle-free internet with U Mobile 5G!

Don’t wait, sign up today and supercharge your world! U Mobile 5G Broadband.

Get U Mobile 5G Broadband and Make Every Day Meaningful U Mobile 5G Broadband fuels your passions, opens doors to new experiences, and lets you chase your dreams without limits.

5G for Home Business

Need Assistance?

    This is U Mobile’s current offer of 5G Broadband without contract, only SIM and easy to apply

    U Mobile 5G Port Full

    This U Mobile 5G is a SIM only plan without any devices.

    Enjoy a lifetime RM10 rebate!
    No worries about promo periods; as long as your plan is active, the savings keep coming. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    No deposit fee or upfront payment is required for Corporate Customers and Corporate Individuals.

    This U Mobile Business Deal is too Good to be True

    Now only RM39 from the original RM78! Plus, get a 5G Bundle and receive 2 free 5G smartphones. Don’t doubt it, give it a try and see how it can make a difference for you.

    UBiz 5G Bundle
    UBiz 5G Office Promo

    Customers not only get high-speed internet but also significantly reduce their mobile postpaid bills.

    Imagine having lightning-fast internet for streaming, gaming, and working from home, plus saving BIG on your monthly mobile expenses. With our amazing service, you can get both! We’ll connect you to a reliable, high-speed internet plan and help you find a mobile plan that perfectly fits your needs, potentially cutting your postpaid bill in half.

    u mobile business postpaid 5G bundle
    u mobile business postpaid 5G bundle

    U Mobile Device Bundle for More Phone Device to Select:

    U Mobile offers a wide range of devices for its customers to choose from, including the latest Apple iPhones. The lineup includes:

    TIME Wifi 6
    TIME Relocation
    TIME Transfer Ownership
    Terminate time
    U Mobile Device Plan
    U Biz 98 U Mobile Postpaid
    u mobile free phone