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U Mobile Corporate Plan 5G Slash Your Mobile Bill and Boost Your Business

Our Dedicated Customer Support team will guide you through the process every step of the way.


5G the Future of Speed

Be a pioneer of speed and unlock a world of possibilities for work, entertainment, and everything in between.


Roam the World Without Worry

Our Unmatched Global Roaming grants you seamless connectivity in 63 countries

Cut Cost

Cut Costs & Upgrade Your Plan

Enjoy massive data packages at unbelievably low prices. Stop overpaying and get more for less.

Free Phone

Free Smart Phone Device

Claim Your FREE Phone Now! Switch to U Mobile Corporate Plan Today!

U PayLater

0% interest instalment

Purchase your dream phone device as iPhone / Android with U PayLater 0% interest instalment

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support

We’re here to help. Contact Us Today! ​. Speak to our Dedicated Customer Support Representative!

Unbeatable Postpaid Plans For U Mobile Corporate Plan

Power your business with the best of all mobile experiences. ​

UBiz 38
UBiz 38 1

5G High-Speed Data

to All Networks

UBiz 68
UBiz 68 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE 5G Data Roaming in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand
U Mobile Free roaming

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


Enjoy More Savings with the latest devices

UBiz 98
UBiz 98 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE Global Roaming in 63 Destinations
63 country

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


0% INSTALMENT for 5G Devices

Free International 5G international roaming plans No need to worry about extra roaming charges.

Switch to U Mobile Corporate Plan U Postpaid & be Unbeatable with Free 63 Country 5G Global Roaming & Incoming

Good New!

5g international roaming plans
U Mobile Free Roaming Plan

U Mobile Corporate Plan With Best Device Deals for Your Business

U Mobile Corporate Plan offers a wide range of devices for its customers to choose from, including the latest Apple iPhones. The lineup includes:

U Mobile Device Plan
U Biz 98 U Mobile Postpaid
u mobile free phone

U Biz 5G OFFICE Broadband

Empower your business with 5G and enjoy fibre-like speed for an improved productivity, Sign up today with NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!

5G WiFi

5G Broadband

Unlimited fibre-like speeds and Work Without Limits, Connect Beyond Borders

No Contract

No Contract

Happy continue to use, Not happy just cancel it, No Contract tied! 

No installation

No Instalaltion

Just plug and play, easy to install 5G always with you wherever you go

UBiz 5G Sim Plan

5G Sim Plan

Easy Apply and Fast Approval, just No Deposit, No Advance Payment.

umobile internet

U Biz 5G: Unshackling Businesses from Costly WiFi Woes!

Big factories and offices often face the headache of expensive WiFi installations, especially in large areas or temporary locations. Committing to a 2-year contract with traditional telcos can be financially daunting. Enter U Biz 5G – the game-changer that makes connectivity easy and affordable. No installations, no long contracts, just seamless operations. Say goodbye to WiFi worries, embrace U Biz 5G, and let your business thrive hassle-free!

uhome 5g

U Biz 5G Rescues Port Full

Empower your team to work from home hassle-free with 5G. No contract tagging, shareable among staff, and a remedy for urgent tasks.

5g modem router

U Biz 5G Rescues Your Streaming Woes!

No more buffering dramas! Whether it’s too many devices or an Android TV Box causing chaos, 5G ensures a happy family by banishing slow connections. Keep the peace, avoid emotional parent meltdowns, and bid farewell to the buffering-induced arguments!

modem 5g

U Biz 5G The Affordable for Students and Outstation Workers!

Study hassle-free! U Biz 5G is the perfect companion for students and outstation workers. Just plug and connect – no contract, no worries. Don’t waste money on costly fibre contracts with high penalties. U Biz 5G is here to make studying and working away from home effortlessly affordable!

umobile 5g 1

UBiz 5G Membantu Untuk TV Box

UBiz 5G menawarkan kelajuan muat turun yang jauh lebih pantas berbanding generasi sebelumnya. Ini bermakna penstriman kandungan pada TV box, sama ada filem, rancangan TV, atau media lain, dapat menjadi lebih lancar dan tanpa gangguan.

hotspot umobile

U Biz 5G Memang bantu Rakan Belajar dan Pekerja Luar Bandar!

U Biz 5G RM68 tanpa contract hanyak cucuk dan sambung WIFI sah boleh guna. tak perlu buang duit dengan kontrak fiber yang mahal, ini boleh pasang di mana-mana sahaja.

check coverage umobile

UBiz 5G Menyelamatkan Masalah Port Full!

Ia membantu ramai pekerja yang perlukan high-speed connection buat kerja dari rumah, sebab ni tiada contract dan boleh bawa kemana-mana tempat sahaja.

Leave the Personal Mobile Postpaid Behind, Go with U Mobile Corporate Plan

Stop Overpaying for Employee Mobile! We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs, helping you keep more money in your pocket.

maxis business under soho
U Mobile business cut const plan

Switching to U Mobile’s Corporate Plan 5G bundle is quick and easy

maxis business contract 1
u mobile business plan 1

To open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needed:

very simple you just send us your information SSM and then our team and complete what you want without being out of your office

UMobile Business SSM Sample

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58 OR Form B & D
Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
Director Signature & Person in Charge detail

Got Questions? Ask Us Anything!

We Have the Answers You Need for Your Business.

Need Assistance?

    Register U Mobile Business Postpaid with a Friendly

    Registering for a U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan is as easy as having a chat with us! No need to step out of your office – our officers will guide you through WhatsApp. We’ve already assisted numerous micro SMEs in smoothly registering their mobile postpaid plans under their company name. Save on your mobile bills, choose your preferred phone device, and let’s make it hassle-free for you! Chat with us today to get started.

    u mobile plan 1

    Step 1

    Send us your SSM & IC Copy

    u mobile 1

    Step 2

    As sample is that simple

    u mobile postpaid plan with phone

    Step 3

    Snap some picture proof of the business

    u mobile postpaid plan 1

    Step 4

    Make it easy just chop n sign

    5G Rahmah Phone Device Realme 11x

    Step 5

    Make sure the information is correct

    u mobile device 2

    Step 6

    Everything complete phone reach within 3-5 days

    Voices of Satisfaction: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Mandy Lim

    We are a Franchise Brand Midyson Hair and Scalp Wellness almost 20 outlets across Malaysia, each outlet costs us RM25 per line per month x 20 outlets = RM500 VS RM98 x 20 outlets = RM1960, it really helps us save up to RM1460 x 24 months = RM35k. How about your company?

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Watie Redzuan

    Memang susah betul untuk cara tukar nama pemilik simkad, sudah lama saya mahu jadikan hak milik sendiri. Nasih baik sekarang dah selesai jadikan atas nama niaga lagi senang, team ni memang hebat. 🥰

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Daniel Leow

    Before U Mobile Business, my plan was RM188 + Roaming around RM200 plus, NOW my bill becomes RM50 UBiz 98 plan with Free Roaming 63 Country. Over 75% saving, can u imagine 10 lines save how much? Unbelievable 🫰🏼

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Cris Chong

    After the MCO, I always travel across Asia ✈️! Thanks to U Mobile Business, only RM50 per line per month, I can answer calls anywhere without an additional roam past fee. It’s worth to try U Mobile Business

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