Firstly, Telekom Malaysia has now started offering routers with WiFi 6 support for all new customers who subscribe to 300Mbps packages and above. These new changes are effective from 1 December 2021.

Then, These new changes are for Unifi Home customers as well as Unifi Biz. In addition to the router, TM also provides Mesh with WiFi 6 support for customers.


After that, With WiFi 6 support, it ensures users’ WiFi networks operate faster, and data rates are higher. In addition, it offers a better streaming experience, in addition to good performance in a compressed environment.

Lastly, For existing customers who also want to enjoy this new router, can upgrade the package to a plan of 300Mbps and above starting December 1, 2021.


Written by kavinish

3 Jan, 2022

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