What is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack?

DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the regular traffic of a target server, service, or network by flooding the target or its surrounding infrastructure with Internet traffic.


DDoS attacks are effective because they use a large number of hacked computer systems as the source of attack traffic. Computers and other network resources are examples of machines used.


A DDoS attack is similar to an accidental traffic jam that obstructs a road, preventing ordinary traffic from reaching its destination. You can use the video below to learn more about DDoS attacks.

ddos attack

How does a DDoS attack work?

DDoS assaults use a network of devices linked to the Internet to carry them out. These networks are made up of malware-infect computers and other devices that allow attackers to manage them remotely.

The DDoS attacker may guide the attack after the botnet is setup by delivering remote orders to each robot. When the botnet targets the victim’s server or network, each bot will send a request to the target’s IP address, potentially overloading the server.

ddos attack

Solution to stop DDoS attacks?


You cannot stop DDoS attacks. The attack will be launch by cybercriminals. No matter what protective measures are taken, some people will hit their targets. However, you can take some precautions yourself.


Such as Monitor your traffic for unusual activity, peak traffic and visits from unknown IP addresses and geographic locations. All of this may indicate that the attacker is conducting a “trial run” to test your defenses before launching a full-scale attack.


Besides that, you can also pay close attention to social media and public trash cans for threats, conversations, and bragging that may hint at an upcoming DDoS attack.


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27 Oct, 2021

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