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What is the fastest internet in Malaysia?

Why fast internet is important? In today’s connected world, the absence of an Internet connection almost guarantees that you are isolated from what is happening in the world.

Facebook allows you to connect with friends and family, while YouTube allows media consumption. Then there is broadband Internet access, allowing you to surf the Internet and download content faster.

So, let us now compare these different brands of Internet providers in Malaysia, and which Internet provider provides the fastest Internet!

Broadband Speed and Price Comparison

So, the chart below is a simple comparison chart of some of the top broadband providers in Malaysia. From this chart, we can clearly see the speed , price and other information of these broadband providers. If you are interested, please click here to register with us.

fastest broadband

Internet Providers in Malaysia

TIME: Malaysia’s first fibre optic broadband service provider, offering speeds of up to 500Mbps.

Maxis: It is one of Malaysia’s largest telecommunications businesses, with one of the country’s most extensive wireless networks. It offers fiber-optic Internet at speeds of up to 100Mbps, much like other Internet providers.

Celcom: Celcom provides excellent high-speed home fiber optic broadband and unlimited Internet quotas for all users in Malaysia. The price of the household fiber 30Mpbs plan is RM80 per month, and the household fiber 100Mps plan is the most popular package, and the price is RM120 per month.

Astro IPTV: Astro received recognition for its contributions to the Asian pay television industry. In Malaysia, 60 percent of homes have signed up for the programme. Astro now provides high-speed broadband IPTV to your living room.

TM: TM, Malaysia’s biggest integrated telecommunications firm, offers a wide range of services, from Streamyx to Optical Internet UniFi. Hypp TV, commonly known as IPTV, allows you to view a variety of popular channels online.

fastest Internet in Malaysia

The Fastest Internet Speed In Malaysia?


TIME Fiber currently provides 1Gbps, which is the fastest internet speed in Malaysia. The second is the TM UniFi 800Mbps package, which is slower but has the widest coverage.

But the best choice still depends on where you live. For example, even though TIME Fiber can provide the fastest Internet, it can only sign contracts with consumers living in high-rise buildings. For those who own landed properties, UniFi or other broadband such as Maxis, Celcom or Allo City would be a good choices.

Apply for home and office broadband with us, and we are ready to help you at any time! ! !

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Written by YaoCong

25 Oct, 2021

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