When should I upgrade my modem ?

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The modem can be perplexing, with its flashing lights, endless jargon, and frequently misleading speed statements.

However, in an era when we do everything at home like work, study, socialize, and everything else imaginable having a good modem to manage network traffic is more important than ever.

Experts recommend that you upgrade your modem at least once every five years. If you use a lot of smart home devices or have a habit of buying the latest laptops, phones, and other major Wi-Fi devices, you should upgrade every two to three years.

As a result, in 2021, many of us may benefit from upgrading to a new modem. Here’s how to resolve all of these issues and obtain the appropriate upgrade at the appropriate time.

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A need for speed

A good modem should be able to take full advantage of any internet speed you pay for-but if your network is running slower than you expected, you’ll want to double-check that your router is to blame.

Is the performance of this hard-wired online connection significantly better than the performance of a short-range wireless connection to the router in the same room? This is a clear indication that your router isn’t performing to its full potential.


Upgrade to the next generation

Router technology and security have been improving. With the arrival of Wi-Fi 6 and WPA3, we have seen some major leaps in the past few years.

Generational advancements like this overwhelmed yesterday’s routers, so it is worth upgrading to a router that supports them, as long as you think it makes sense. And if u have a need, here are some newest router reviews u can refer to.

Change to Mesh

Is your connection strong in some places throughout your home, but weak or nonexistent in others? If so, upgrade to a mesh router, which uses multiple devices to extend the range of your network and spread a steadier signal throughout your entire home.

It will be one of the most meaningful tech upgrades you can buy into. And here is the comparison between mesh and other modem

Bandwidth Limit

It is important to understand that your router does not generate speed or bandwidth-it will take up any bandwidth you paid for from your Internet service provider and send it to your home so that wireless devices can connect. If the incoming bandwidth is limited in the first place, then your router is practically powerless.

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9 Nov, 2021

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