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Internet connections used to be very limited in bandwidth, so any intensive online activity greatly reduces line performance. If you have multiple people using the same line, the limited resources are split even further. Bandwidth is determined by the height of the frequency range that a cable can carry. Fibre optic cables have much higher bandwidth than traditional copper cables as they carry light, which is a very high-frequency signal.



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Online games used to be much simpler because there was only so much a dial-up connection could safely handle without slowing down or breaking. Connection speed, denoted in megabits per second (Mbps), has become critical in order to be an accomplished player. With fibre broadband speeds currently in the hundreds and still climbing, users can enjoy minimal lag and a smooth connection, every gamer’s dream.
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Thanks to the Internet, we now have the next best thing that is video calls. However, it’s one thing to have the ability to video call, it’s quite another to video call someone and gets a pixelated video or sound that keeps cutting in and out. Fibre broadband has the capacity to handle heavier demand on your bandwidth, so video calls on a fibre connection are clearer and more seamless.


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The boom of e-commerce sites in recent years is a testament to the prevalence of online shopping. It’s fast, convenient and you can access a far wider variety of shopping options with a single click. However, the security of online transactions is dependent on the stability of your connection. You can shop to your heart’s content and not worry about your money disappearing into the black holes of the Internet.
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You would have to leave video files to download overnight, sometimes over multiple days. it would slow down your connection and affect any other browsing activities. On fibre broadband, it takes only minutes for a full HD movie to finish downloading, and the increased rate means you can even stream shows to watch while they download. No more having to suffer the buffer!
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12 Mar, 2021

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