Everyone knows this feeling when you hard at work and then suddenly the Internet seems to slow down. Sometimes the internet slow, not entirely due to the internet service provider itself, here are a few reasons why your Internet is slow.

You don’t know your Mbps: Mbps is to the Internet what horsepower is to cars. You can actually just type in ‘speed test’ into your Google search bar and select the first option that comes up—Google’s speed test. 

Your router is cheap: Some people will buy it outside the router by themselves, maybe some of router is cheap and no really stable to use, it is best to use the modem provide by the internet service provided. And now I believe most of internet service provider will free the modem/router.

Need a better plan: If most of your use the internet to see the movie, playing online game, connect with TV BOX, work from home or online class use Zoom, many people use internet, all this need more internet speed to load it, but if you are using 100mbps that is no enough. Maybe you can try upgrade your internet speed to enjoy the more high-speed internet.

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Time for a modem reset: If you’re getting slower Internet than you’re supposed to, you can try resetting your modem and router (turning them off and on again). You might also want to check the other devices in your house before or after this step. If it’s just one device that’s slow, you might just have a hardware problem.

WiFi is in a bad spot: Try moving your router out into the open, if you normally keep yours in a cabinet or closet. Have open space for its signal can have a remarkable improvement on your WiFi speed.

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Your home internet is so slow or not stable? Why no try to apply TIME Internet? It is the high-speed fibre broadband to do everything you love online. Besides, it also no lag, no limits, no sweat, a free dual-band WiFi router, expert service & fast installation. 100mbps only RM99! it is cheaper and let you enjoy the high-speed internet with your family.

Furthermore, if you are already a TIME Internet user and finish 2 year contract, it also available to upgrade your old router to the new router and it is free! So, upgrade your router now and get more high-speed internet.

Submit your location, check providers availability, and apply instantly with us, or for more details, you can WhatsApp / text/call 60123682222. Our Specialist will contact you.

Written by angyiqi

8 Feb, 2021

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