Why my WIFI Router keeps disconnecting?

Router disconnecting

Discontinuing the service Internet connection randomly at any time is not just a small inconvenience, WIFI Router disconnect issue can be a major obstacle to daily life. In this new era of working from home, a reliable Internet connection is as important as keeping the lights on.

Unfortunately, inconsistent speeds or outdated routers can cause connection problems. Your connection problem may even cause a larger problem with the service provider.

To help you solve these problems, we have compiled a series of symptoms, diagnoses and solutions. Let us bring this fast service back to life.

Causes of Router Disconnecting from Internet

Router disconnecting

If your wireless devices will periodically disconnect from the wireless network, while wired devices will still connect and work normally. The possible reasons for the router’s continuous disconnection problem are as follows:


1. Incompatibility: Due to incompatibility or software drivers, the broadcaster or router and the client (such as your laptop or IoT device) cannot work well together.


2. Different factors: This includes things that you have little control over. This includes hardware problems, radar activity or jammers near your home. In fact, your house is made of materials that can block radio waves, which can also have an impact in some cases.


3. Internet speed is slow: If you have too many devices using too much bandwidth at the same time, your connection speed will drop. This problem is especially likely to occur when you live with multiple people. 


4. Wi-Fi routers are obsolete: Old wireless routers are a common culprit for connection problems. Having a router that uses Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 protocols can ensure that you get the best speed and better performance when multiple people use Wi-Fi. You can Register TIME Internet by clicking here to get the fastest internet speed and the newest router now !!!

Solution to Fix Router Disconnect Problem

    no wifi

    1. Restart your router

    In some settings, the router sometimes gets stuck. It may go wrong, causing them to occasionally disconnect. You need to unplug the router from the power outlet and then plug it back in to restart the router. This will restart the hardware components of the router, which will help you.


    2. Update router firmware

    Firmware is a low-level embedded system that helps to run routers, modems, and other network devices. The firmware of any device needs to update from time to time for the device to operate normally. For most network devices, you can easily download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website. Below is a video to guide you to update the router firmware.

    3. Inspect cable and connector

    You will have to be sure of your cable or connector. If your cable is worn off, then it will cause some connectivity issues while heating up. A sharply bent or pressed cable is not suitable, and you will need to replace that.

    Also, make sure that your connection is plugged in properly and there are no damages to it. This would solve the network Link is disconnect issue for you most of the time.


    4. Update Your Wireless Card Driver

    As your wireless network card driver is outdate or get damage, the router may be having some issue. Therefore, by updating the driver, you will be able to solve the problem. Follow the steps shown in the video below.

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    9 Nov, 2021

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