Why need to upgrade internet modem ?

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Upgrade the modem to a new generation of higher-quality components, such as better capacitors that last longer before failure. Some modems have a good design to dissipate heat than others, which can also help them last longer.

Even if the modem is still technically effective, it is usually a good idea to upgrade if it does not provide the fastest speed. It does not have the latest wireless network standards, or lacks basic functions.

And as below, we will show you some tips regarding how to make your internet faster.

upgrade internet modem
Change channel or frequency band

If your router uses a specific Wi-Fi channel to communicate with devices around your home. If your neighbor lives close and their router uses the same Wi-Fi channel, everything will crowd quickly.

Most routers now use dual-band technology to broadcast at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. If your router settings allow it, you may be able to prioritize one or the other for certain devices.

upgrade internet modem
Move the router to a better location

Wi-Fi can only travel so far, and its signal will get  interrupt or block by walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, appliances, and basically any large physical objects.

Therefore, the signal may also be interfered by radio waves from other devices, including cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and Bluetooth speakers.

If you put the router in a corner, there may be problems with the Wi-Fi at the other end of your home. The best place to place the router is in a central location, close to where you use the Internet most often.

upgrade internet modem
Update the firmware of the router

Your router is a small computer dedicated to network management and traffic routing. Like any computing device, it requires an operating system. In this case, the firmware.

Since no software is perfect, developers will release updates to optimize the code, eliminate nasty bugs, and fill security holes.

In addition, keeping the firmware up to date is the main priority for performance and security. Many newer routers have automatic firmware updates turned on, checking the firmware version can give you more peace of mind.

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9 Nov, 2021

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