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Why is WiFi connected but no Internet?



These are the Wifi modems usually telco companies will provide to their customer when they sign up with them. As years increase, the modem we use also become more and more advanced !!! But, why are most of the customers still using an old generation modem?

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In fact, if a new modem is introduced, those telco companies will not notify their customers !!! Imagine if a company needs to upgrade a new modem for all of their customers, it will cost a lot of money. Besides, when your modem is still available, why do these companies provide you with a new modem for free? All these new modems are only available for the new customer !!!


However, starting this year, if old customers renew their contract with Maxis for 2 years, only Maxis will provide them with new modems. But also most will only provide a modem or Mesh Wifi. Through this way , Maxis able to save the company’s expenses as well to keep the old customer loyalty !!!

Well, some customers also prefer to resign the contract under the new name to get the latest modem and enjoy the new promotional package !!! If you are interested to do this, you may contact us for more detailed information !!!

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment whether are you still using one of the modem pictures above, or u can share this with your friends who face the same problem !!! Contact us here if you need some advice !!! It`s all FREE !!!

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Written by YaoCong

7 Dec, 2021

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