Why You Need Mesh Wi-Fi at Home

What is Mesh Wifi?

Mesh Wi-Fi is a device that provides an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection at your home. It enables faster speeds, greater coverage, and a more reliable connection. While traditional routers broadcast Wi-Fi from a single point, mesh Wi-Fi systems have multiple access points.

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Wireless Mesh is extremely adaptable and expandable

As more or less coverage is a need, wireless mesh nodes can be added or removed. Wireless Mesh is very useful for areas where there is a lack of sight or where network configurations are intermittently blocked. With wireless mesh, adding more wireless mesh nodes will adjust to find a clear signal. Wireless Mesh is also extremely convenient where wall connections may be lacking, such as in outdoor environments, warehouses, or transportation settings.

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Wireless Mesh Wi-Fi Support High Demand

Public Safety and emergency response demand wireless connectivity that supports coverage of large geographic areas, high-speed mobility, and high-quality video surveillance. Mesh Wi-Fi is ideal to deliver high throughput and highly reliable wireless connectivity. It delivers both indoor and outdoor connectivity. Besides, it is also a reliable source of wireless connectivity for a variety of public safety applications, parking garages, campus grounds, schools, business parks, and other large outdoor facilities.

Less Expensive than Traditional Networks

Using fewer wires means it costs less to set up the wireless mesh Wi-Fi. It is used particularly for large areas of coverage. Using wireless mesh Wi-Fi can eliminate the cost and complexity of installing fiber/wires between buildings, on-campus grounds, and business parks.

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Stable Long-Range Connectivity

With a mesh router, you can get a powerful and stable connection no matter where you are in your home. Because each mesh node piggybacks off the other node’s signal, you can get powerful WiFi whether you’re at the top of the stairs or the bottom of the basement.


Easy Setup and Management

Most mesh routers on the market today come with easy network setup and management, allowing you to toggle network settings, check speeds, and enact parental controls.


If you’re facing Wi-Fi problems at home, then Mesh Wi-Fi is definitely for you. Doubly so if these problems caused due to network range issues. So, do you need mesh Wi-Fi at home? Contact us quickly to get a free consultation.

Written by weizhe

23 Mar, 2021

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