Firstly, WI-FI 6 is a new generation of WI-FI technology. WI-FI 6 is using new chip called 802.11ax WI-FI and its improved more speeder than before.

Next, im going to explain what is the advantage on using WI-FI 6.

wifi 6

Advantage of WI-FI 6

  • First, Greater data transfer speed
  • Next, Increased battery life
  • Then, Have better performance
  • After that, Using MU-MIMO technology
  • Later, Use Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access technology
Wifi 6

Why need to upgrade WIFI 6

  • Equipment upgrades will be necessary
  • An increasing number of wireless devices

Finally, This is the advantage about WIFI 6 and why we need to use it. Now on TIME we also provide WIFI 6 for you and for it look below.


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Written by kavinish

30 Dec, 2021

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