Pine Residence PENANG Management Office Contact | Broadband Coverage

Building Management Manager 

Company Name: Joint Management Body of Pine Residence

Manager Contact Number :048243663

Email Address: pineresidence.mgmt@gmail.com

We are grateful that the management and committee members of Pine Residence Building for enabling TIME Broadband to deliver a high-speed internet to their house.

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Firstly, Pine Residence refers to a new freehold condominium nestled near Farlim. Secondly, the property is equipped with an array of facilities including a spa library, meeting room, barbecue pit, rooftop sky garden, sauna, wading pool, rest room, playground for kids, gymnasium, swimming pool, drop-off spot and a community hall.

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Next, the condominium can be easily accessed through Penang Bridge, Penang International Airport or Coastal Highway, among other routes. However, you’ll find various public amenities such as schools, health facilities, eateries, and shopping options near the property. It is an ideal property to call a modern home.

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Lastly, Many people like privacy in their lives and to address that concern, this condominium has only four units only in each of its floors. Taking all these nice things into account, Pine Residence becomes an ideal property not only for self-stay, but also for a high-return investment.


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11 Oct, 2021

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